Saturday, March 24, 2012


hey! i recently went to the premier (midnight! :)) of the hunger games. IT WAS AMAZING!! it stayed true to the book (for the most part...) and was just superior! :)
well... if you haven't read the books, YOU NEED TOO! if u dont like violence (i dont see y anyone wouldn't...) than u might not want to read it... :) heheh... well.... overall, it was great! and i recommend it!!!
TEAM PEETA! (who isn't! ??? )

hahhaha... yay for the hunger games!! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


hey! i just realized i haven't posted in a REALLY long time. I just wanted to know who still looks at my blog.... soooooo.... if u do, please leave a comment. THANKS! :)

OH! and if you could take the poll on the side weather I should keep my blog and what it should be about! :) THANKS!! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nana's house!!

HEY!! right now i am at my great g-ma's house. She lives in Tennessee..... this computer is really fun and big!! :) awww..... i have to go. mommie got mad at me for not asking Nana if i could use her awesomly large computer.... rrrggg!! i cant type today!! ok... bibi

Sunday, October 16, 2011




Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mountains

HEY!! right now i am in the mountains for the 4th. well, i am leaving tomorrow, on the 3rd to go up to the lake, but we are having fireworks tonight. Yesterday, i got up at 6:45 to go to swim at county. fun. early. WAY TOO EARLY!!! After that, we went to andrew's show that he performed after a week of camp. Then, we took off to the mountains. It took a few hours, but we finally got here. Kate (my aunt) and simon, mimi, and granddad are here too. We settled in and did stuff, then we all went to dinner. It was pretty good. i had a hot dog and tater tots. yum. then, we watched the fireworks that were over the mountain for everyone to see. that was fun. Then we came home. we kinda just fiddeled around for a few and stuff, then, at 12:30, we went to bed. It was very fun!!!

Today i woke up at 10:38. hehehe. i was tired from waking up so early yesterday. Then, i came and had a late breakfast that mimi had put together for me. After that, mimi, andrew, mommie and dattie went on a walk. i stayed here and checked my 16 emails. Now, i am doing this. FUN. Morgan and family are coming up today. that will be fun. Tonight we are having our mini fireworks here. it will be fun.

hey!!!!!!!! i am posting. and it is the 6th. ahhahaha. well, the mountains was awesome. The crofts came, and morgan, granddad, uncle shannon, andrew, ford, Kate, Simon, and i went to pick up fireworks. We got some, and then our car (kate, simon, morgan, william and i) got snow cones. The other car never knew. :) hahahahaha. well, then, morgan and i went tubing down the creek. That took a long time and it was very fun. until i got hurt. well, then we did stuff. After that, we set up our tent. Later, we had dinner and fireworks.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey. A few days ago i went to six flags.
In the morning, i woke up. Andrews friend called, and said he had other family plans, so he couldn't go. so, andrew had no one to go with. Angela was going with me. later, andrew's friend's dad texted my dad and said he couldn't come because they had a baby. I thought that was very funny. Then, when Angela came, we left. We had so much fun. we rode like all the rides because we had flash passes. We did not get to ride the new ride, Dare Devil dive, because it was not on the flash pass, and there was a very long wait. My favorite rides were Goliath and Superman. :) I also, for the first time, rode Acrophobia. It was so much fun!! it was the one that went really high and dropped. It is taller than the leaning tower of pisa. COOL!! We had so much fun. Angela and Andrew and Dattie (and william, maybe) made it so much fun!! After six flags, we went to Mellow Mushroom. We always go after six flags, because we get there at like 10 or 11, when it opens, and leave at 8 when it closes. The pizza was good. While we were eating, mommie joined us, because she doesn't like six flags, so she just came to eat and did not go to six flags. She supprised us when she came though. After that, we went home. Angela slept over. We watched Tv and stuff. I love six flags, and i am so happy we got that experience. !!!! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


yo yo yo!!! I am in st. Lucia right now. For those who don't know where that is, it is an island in the Caribbean.Usually, our family takes a trip for 1 week to a Caribbean island every summer. Usually it is later in the summer, but now, it is in the beginning, which is good, because no one is here. We woke up at 6:15 this morning, and got ourselves ready. Then, at 6:45 an SUV came and picked us up and drove us the the airport. When we got there, we went through the whole process, like getting our bags checked and scanning us for any weapon material. Then, at about 9, we arrived safely to where we needed to be in the airport. E1, all the way at the very end of the airport. Very last place. Of course, The flight got delayed. 1 hour, so we were just sitting there for more than an hour doing nothing. Finally, They were ready to board. At about 10:55, not 9:45, which was what it was supposed to be. When we got on, I realized, soon after, that we had no TVs on the back of the seats. I was really disapointed, because i didn't know what i would do for 4 hours and 12 minutes. I figured we didn't because we had to switch planes, because one was taking a REALLY long time. I hope we will have them on our way back. After we took off, we realized there were radios on each seat arm, and a TV that played 1 movie. I forgot what movie it was, because i couldn't watch it, because it was PG13. So, I just listened to channel 10 and 11 on the radio, read, and slept for the whole trip. Finally, we got to St. Lucia. The airport is really tiny, but there were not many people there, except the ones who had just gotten off the plane we had. We went through all that process, and rented a car (at first the car was too small for our bags, so we had to pay extra money for a bigger one, which took twice as long). Then, we were on the road again. We were told it would take us 2 hours to get to our destination, on the other side of the island. Oh brother. I slept for most of the time there. Other from our resort, St. Lucia is a really depressing place, with run-down buildings, and horrible hotels and houses. When we finally got to our resort, it was BEAUTIFUL!! Way different from the rest of the island. Thank goodness! It didn't take us but 1 and a half ours to get here. :) We checked in, and then we sat down in the open lobby area. I had kind of remembered that from when we went to St. Lucia last. 5 years ago. Then, they gave us these cold towels that smelled really good to cool our selves off. Then, we got fruit punch. The good Caribbean kind. :) YUM! After, we looked at the events for tomorrow. We are mostly going to stay in the hotel and go the the beach and the pool and stuff like that. After that, we took a shuttle up to our room. It is in walking distance, but that helped us with our bags. When we got to our room (btw the hotel is Wind Jammer), room 46, it was amazing. We got inside and we had 3 stories all to ourselves. There is a stair case leading down to Andrew, William, and I's room. It is so fun! it has 2 twin beds, a bath room, a closet, a porch, and a large lounging area, that can act as a reading area, and where someone is going to sleep each night. The 2nd floor has the kitchen, table, and living room, and TV. The third floor is mommie and dattie's. There room has 1 king bed, a bathroom, with a very large shower, and a closet (i think ours is a bit better). Then, out on their porch, is another stair case and an awesome view. The stairs lead to the roof. It has a really nice view. OH! on the 2nd floor, the main one, it has a porch. The porch has a table, an awesome view, and a plunge pool! It is quite small, but big enough! it is really cool. After we explored the house, we went and had dinner. It was just a beach side resturant. I had spaggettie (how do u spell that???) YUM!! Then, we took a small walk on the beach and up to our room. First, we checked our the pool nearby, the big one, and the resturant near that. It was nice. Then, we went to our room, and the 3 kids got into our small plunge pool for a while, while mommie and dattie sat out on the deck and talked. Then, we all went inside and took a fast shower and got ready for bed. Now, I am here, typing. :)
Well, I will post again tomorrow. CANT WAIT!! it will be a fun day!! :)

GRRR!!! i posted for Sunday, but it didn't save. awwww. I guess You wont here about that then. It was fun. beach, pool, n such. Fun. ya. Oh! and Grocery Store.

Ok. So, It is tuesday, and i forgot to post on Monday. THis is the best i can do.......

Well, I woke up around 9ish. Mommie, Dattie, and Andrew were back from their polaties (???) class on the beach. We had a quick breakfast, and then we headed to Parrot something or other beach/park. We had heard that the beach was one of the best on the island, so we brought our swim gear. The only problem was that the beach was WAY too crowded. (OH! i almost forgot. When we were parking, this man showed us where to park, and then he told us our futures. I dont remember anyone's but mine. One palm said i would be intelligent (no problem with that one) the other said that i would be in a movie. FUN!! But i dont believe in any of that mumbo jumbo. After all, the Bible says not to try to predict the future. Also, he gave us some kind on beans he found off the ground or somthing. stupid. Also, i was wearing my James and the Giant Peach shirt. real classy. now i know staring in a movie is not true.) wow! It was a holiday there, in St. Lucia, but idk what. Well, so then we just went to the park. We had a picknic for lunch. It was very delicious. Turkey sandwiches. Then, we took a look all around. There were old ruins of things from a past war in St. Lucia a long time ago. Then, when i was posing for a picture behind a tree, i was attacked by ants. No, and i mean literally. There was an ant hill i didn't see, and they were all over me. Horrible experience. Then, we went home. well, after we got an awesome picture, might be our Christmas Card!!! we got home just in time for william to go to the coconut bowling at the jacko (idk how to spell. It has a silent t at the end) club. It was on the back though. They rolled a coconut and hit these tin cans. The best part was, this is now our phrase of the day, when each person would bowl, the Jacko lady would go, "ROLL THAT COCONUT!!" in a really funny voice. :) Well, then andrew, dattie and i went down and took this scoobadiving demo thing. Dattie couldn't do it, becuase aparently he had too many medical issues. he had 5 yeses on his form he filled out. Well, all they did was give us the gear and then we just swam around close to shore. FUN! it was so cool! well, then, we went tubing. A boat took us out in 2 tubes at the same time. LIke attached with a rope. Andrew went with me, beacuse my parents didn't come down. it was fun! Then, we swam and stuff and then we went and got ready for dinner. William went to his little jacko club while we went to the Dragonfly. It was like a chinese and something else resturant. it was good. Then, we came home. GOOD DAY!!

well, now for today

Well, i woke up at 8:30, personal record for vacation, and the whole family went to the gym. we worked out for like 45 minutes. And it was a big long work out. Fun. Then, we went snorkling. A boat took us not too far off the resort. Just around the corner, and then we snorkeled there. The whole family went, but mommie didn't get in. Only take pics. It was really cool. Well, then, we came back and had hotdogs for lunch. They were good, as hot dogs often are. After that, we went back down the the beach and swam and stuff. Then, we went on the banana boat ride again. that was fun. again. After that we did a little more swimming and stuff, and then, we went back up and got ready for dinner. Then, we went to this place at Jammers (resturant). it was just a small party with free snacks and drinks. While we were there, william was at Jackos. The snacks were very good, as were the drinks. Then, we went to dinner. We went to Papa Dons. It was good. I had a pizza. the only problem was there was too much cheese. It was still really good. After that, we went down to pick up william. We were all really tired and decided not to go to the limbo contest on the beach. We came home, made popcorn, and sat down and watched some TV. Matilda. Silly movie says my mommie. Well, then, i had a quarter of a klondike. Then, everyone else went to bed. Now, i am here, all alone typing. I better get to bed. We have a big day tomorrow!!! post then!!! :)

HEY!! It is Thursday!!! I didn't post yesterday, because i was too tired. We had a really good day yesterday. Here it is.....

So, today, i woke up early. It was around 8:30ish. We had to be at the dock by 9. So, i had breakfast, got ready, and then we left. We went to the sports hut thing, and there was a boat (Exodus 3 i believe), with 2 people on it. Del and Nelson. Del was the captain of the boat. Nelson was his 1st mate. He was a young wipersnapper (long story. Word of the day). Then, we took off. First, we just went sightseeing around the island. It was really pretty, and yet not so pretty (like most of the building and such). Then, Del took us to many snorkeling spots. The first one was the best. Really pretty fish and coral and reefs and stuff. The next one was kind of plain. Not much coral or reefs, but many fish. We even saw a huge school of little tiny fish. So cute!! The next one was my personal second favorite. Lots of fish and reefs and coral too. Not as pretty though. Some point in all or goings, we stopped for a snack of pringles and doritos. Yum. Then, we went and had lunch. We had it at Doolittle's. In the bay we were at, was where Dr. Doolittle (the origional movie) was filmed. COOL!! We had it with Nelson, and talked to him and stuff over lunch. Del was not very social, but he was really funny and nice. After that, we stopped somewhere to get some ice cream/frozen yogurt (idk which one!). Then, we took off, again. We saw many houses, like McJagger's, and some peeps i had never heard of. One was roumered to be Oprah's. Then, we stopped one last place to go swimming. It was a rock arch in the ocean. The coolest thing about it was that Pirates of the Carribbean was filmed there. I believe, in the 1st movie, it was the cave they went into. SO COOL!!! :) After that, we had to go back to our resort. We had been out there for 8 hours. wow!! Long time!!! well, then, we played in the ocean for a few minutes, and went back up to our villa. Then, we just rested. I forgot what we had for dinner. Whoops. That was a really fun day!!!

Now today...

Today i woke up around 8:30ish. I had breakfast (yogurt), and then, our whole family went to the gym. We were there for almost an hour. We got a good workout! then, William and I went to The Jacko club. We tie-died t-shirts. They turned out to be pretty good. Mine was orange, green, and blue. The only other color was red. After that, We went down to the beach. well, i went up to the room and watched Paula Dean for a few minutes, then we went down to the beach. We played in the ocean and i played in the sand for some time. Then, we had lunch at a nearby resturant. I had a Cesar Salad. It was good. After that, we stayed around the beach for some time. We went to race crabs with the Jacko peeps. I didn't win any. :( Andrew won like 3 and got a ring pop. :( he wouldn't give any to me though. :( Then, we went to the Banana Boat again. That was fun. again. After that, we all took a family trip to the grocery store. It was fun. I got a pie. I LOVE PIE!!! :) It was apple. :) When we came back to the room, we made dinner. We had turkey burgers and mac-n-cheese. I made the mac. It was very good. Then, we all went to the pool next to papa dons. Andrew got a Taramisu. I had a bite, and it was delicious!! I had never had it before. Then, we swam a bit. Then, we came back to the room and got our showers and such. After we got ready for bed, i had my pie. I also had Guava ice cream that we got at the grocery store. Dattie and I sat together. Now, I am here. Well, I will post either tomorrow or the next day. POST then!!! :)

HEY!! it is Saturday!!! But, it is not over yet. I will do yesterday's post, NOW!!!!

Well, hi. "today" i woke up around, 9ish?? Idk really. Well, i got up and ate breakfast. Then, after i got all dressed and stuff, we went down to the lobby. There was a dude there, and we got in his bus. He was taking us to the treetop zip-lining. We had to make 1 more stop to another hotel, The Sandals, then, we went to the rainforest. It took about 45/1 hour to get there. When we got there, we were offered a nasty drink. Then, we got on all our gear and were taught how to zip-line. Also, mommie had a hairnet to keep her hair from getting in the line, and it was pretty funny! :) Then, we went on all the lines. There were 12, but 1 was very tiny. #10 i believe. Well, we had so much fun. Mommie was skeptical at first about doing it, but then she had a blast!! After that, we came back to our resort. OH! i almost forgot. while we were there, 1 worker dude found a snake. It was a boa. AWESOME!! He let the people who wanted to take a picture with it around our neck while he was holding the neck. I did, but my family was too scared. Then, we went back to our resort. We got ready, and then went to the tubing on the back of the boat. This time the whole family came. It was fun. Then, we hung around. Hit the pool. Well, not literally. And then, after that, we went to Jammers while william was at Jackos. I had a burger. Then, we came home, watched some Shark Tank, had some popcorn, and went to bed. Good day!!

Well, Today isn't over yet but i might just do so far......

Well, Today i woke up at 8:05. EARLY!! I stayed in bed until 8:20, and then got my book and read until 9 in bed. I am reading Stormbreaker. It is very good. Then, i came upstairs and had breakfast. Then, we all went to the gym. Well, all but Andrew. He was too tired. I did such a good workout that i am very sore now. Well, then, we came back and got ready and stuff. After that, we went to Rodney Bay (not too far away- 10 min. maybe) and had lunch. We had heard about this one place, but couldn't find it, so we at at the Bread Basket. I had a BLT on a baguett. It was really good!!! :) Then, we came back. After, we got all ready and went to the pool. We swam a bit, but then we all read for a long time. Well, William played on Dattie's phone. The rest of us read. After that, we all went to the beach. The water was too cold, so we didn't get in. Then, it started to rain, so we went into Jammer's and since it was happy hour, we all had a drink. I had a peach Virgin Daqri (or something) Then, we all came up to the room. We swam in the plunge pool, then took showers. Then, we had pizza and played Balderdash. It was really funny. Our phrase for the day is, "Michael, Give me a smatchet of that scrump gravy!!" ahahhaahha. long story. Now, i am typing, about to go watch some TV and make some popcorn. William just went to bed. BIBI!!! Post tomorrow or when we get home :(

HEY!! it is monday. And we are leaving today. I wanted to have a lot of time here before we had to leave at 11, so i woke up at 7:15. EARLY!! and that is what time it is right now. I am very tired. Ok. So here is yesterday.

"Today" i woke up at like, um, idk. Well, after i woke up i had breakfast and then got ready to go down to the beach. Later, we all went down to the beach. We played and read and stuff. Also, dattie made up a funny song about dirty birdies. That was our phrase of the day :) While we were there, we had lunch at Embers. I had ribs. YUM!! Later, we went to the Infinaty pool. We swam and played and stuff. OH. before that andrew and i went to the main pool and played pool volleyball. I won once and andrew won twice. After the infinity pool, we went back to our cabin. We finished packing, watched TV, and got ready for dinner. Then, we went to dinner. We went to Papa Dons. It was really good. I had buttered penne pasta. After that, we came home and made cookies while mommie and dattie went on a walk. They came back, and they had the cookies. They were a little overdone, but still really good. After that, we watched some Food Network. There was a new Star Chef or something. Then, i went upstairs with mommie, talked about SIX FLAGS on Tuesday (tomorrow!!!) and then i went to bed. It was a nice last day :)

i know it is thursday, but here is monday...

so, "today" i woke up early, as said before, and we went down to the beach one last time. Then, when we came back, we got ready to leave. Then, we went down to the lobby. We also went to give a pair of sunglasses to Dell, because he needed new ones, so we bought him some. :) Then, we drove to the airport. When we got there, we checked our bags, had BLT's that we brought, and then we waited and got on our plane. I slept on the plane for like an hour and a half. Then, i read for the rest of the time. I FINISHED MY BOOK!!! :) yeah me. It was the one for school that was long. When we got off, it was late. like 8:30. We went through the long customs, and then we found the guy that was driving us home (he had one of those signs that said "tomas Sabonis-Chafee" cool!!) then we went home. We got home at like 9:47. I said hi to mattie. YEAH!! :) and listened to my ipod, watched TV, then went to bed. SIX FLAGS TOMORROW!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kelly over

Yesterday Kelly (Dunlap) came over to sleep over. When she got here we didn't know what to do, until I showed her Ashley and I's production of Blow (by Kesha). We had made a music video that was AWESOME a few weeks back. So, Kelly and I decided to do a music video to "I just wanna run" by the downtown fiction.
Our video was about Kelly and I fighting over a blanket. We walked into the store, and it was 50% off, and we both wanted the same blanket(this really intense instrumental music playing). We fought and Kelly won and ran (when i just wanna run started) all the way around the house, and went to her house and fell asleep. Then, i went into her room and traded out the blankets (one that was 50% off, but not the good one). I gave the ungood one to Kelly and Stole the good one, and went to my house. Kelly woke up, and realized she had the wrong blanket, and came to my house. She tried to steel the blanket off me while i was sleeping, but i woke up and chased her. I tripped, and fell, and she hid in the pantry. I looked in the pantry, but couldn't find her because she was around the corner. Then, she came out thinking i was gone. I chased her and we both fell on the couch. then, we realized how stupid we were being, and we became friends. then, we had a picnic (with just goldfish) on the blanket. then, we got up and skipped, and bowed.
Then, we had bloopers. The first one was kelly running around the house getting to her room, but when she got to the garage (she was supposed to go inside), the garage door was closed
Another one was me, after i got the blanket, leaving the room, and going, mwahaha. It was not convincing AT ALL. hahahah
The last, and my personal favorite, was when i was stealing the blanket off of kelly, william was filming, and he started laughing, and then he was like, there's low battery. and then, i was like, "William!!!!!!!!!! YOUR FIRED!!!!!" and he was like, in this really sad voice, "but there was low battery"

Well, Kelly and I did that like ALL night. It was so much fun. The best part was that everything fit in PERFECTLY with the music. Like, Kelly started running at the beginning, and it said, I just wanna run
Another one was when Kelly and I became friends, and we took off our eyemasks from the top of our head, and we threw them on the ground. Right then was when it said "throw it away"
Another was when kelly was sleeping, and i came in, and it said "sick of loosing sleep"

It was so awesome and i am so proud of it!!! THANKS KELLY FOR ALL UR HARD WORK!! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011


hey!! i am at the lake right now. It is like 2 hours away from our house, but i don't exactly know where yet. We got here around 1, and ate lunch, swam, and checked into our room. The drive up was nice. I read, listened to my ipod, and slept. When we got here, we saw the lake, and it was pretty pretty. Then, we had lunch. It consisted of turkey bagel sandwiches. It was really good. Next, since our check in time wasn't until 4, we swam for a while. It was really fun! After, when our parents were resting by the pool, we went to the playground right next to the pool and did a scavenger hunt with random things we found. Then, we found some legos bodies, but could not find the head (this was at the park), so we searched in the sand for quite some time, and we found only one head and a random school bus. After, we played in the pool a little. Then, i accidentally hurt Andrew- :( - (he was not letting me in the club of him and william. I had to guess the password) so we went inside. Our room is really cool. There is 2 queen beds, a tv, a mini fridge, a bathroom and a closet. Not too big. Then, we watched TV for a little while and took our showers and stuff like that. Also, we had a bunch of cookies and lemonade because they are free in the lobby. The lobby is REALLY nice. It is all wildlife-like. We soon figured out we forgot mommie's bag at home, so now she is all sad. :( She is sitting outside, William and Andrew are talking to her, dattie is renting a boat for tomorrow, and I am typing. We have not had the best of days, but i hope tomorrow will be 100% better.

Write back then!!!

Hey!!! it is now 10:37, and we just had dinner. It was really good. I had pasta. Well, we went to wallmart to get my mom a swim suit and me a few things. i got a spongebob t-shirt and an awesomely cool jacket!!! hahahah!! After that, we came back here for dinner, very good might i add again. Then we went out in front of the hotel and had smores. There is a fire everynight with smore stuff. SO COOL!!! Then andrew and i played corn hole (beanbag thing where u try to get them in a hole) Then we played ladder ball (where ladders with 3 poles, and strings with golf balls on either end, and you try to get them on the ladder by throwing) that was fun. Then we swung on the swing all together (william andrew and i) and then we came inside, and i found a computer in the lobby, so cool, that anyone could use, and that is what i am doing. I went on my email and had like 10, and checked those, all from angela, ashley, and 1 from kelly. I told them all to visit here :) well, i better go. OH! there is a phone that someone left behind here!! lol!! well, i have to go. We are playing Balderdash upstairs. I have been down here for a while. PROBIBALY ALREADY STARTED!!! OH NO!!!!! BYE!!!

write back tomorrow!!!! :)

HEY!! its not tomorrow, but it is 11:13. Almost tomorrow. 47 more minutes!!! Well, I got upstairs, and They weren't playing balderdash. grrrrrrrr. They said it was "too late", so i set my bed up, i am sleeping with my mom, and I began to read. They have fancy book lights, but they are not complimentary. :( so, i was reading, and i told my mom to read my blog. so she did. And then i decided to get on, but she was on her phone, so it was taking a long time. So, i then went the 2 steps to get to my dad's computer, and now i just changed the background because SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, now it is a lake. Then i started posing again. I will be posting quite frequently with the everyone computer downstairs in the lobby, and my dad's up here in the room
my dad wants me to leave now. It is time to read. Aww. my dattie wants my book light. no thanks!! well,
POST tomorrow!!! and i mean really tomorrow!!!!
till then!!! :)

HEY!! it is tomorrow. And i am posting. Well, i got up this morning, (i had the weirdest dream that we were presenting our geography projects, and lucy, rachel, and nicole were at my table, and mrs. veal was just like, ok. Harrison cook will go first and then emily, because we are going in alphabetical through the class. (i am not after cook!!) well, then she asked us if we all had our salads. Then, i woke up) and we had the complimentary breakfast in the lobby (i had froot loops and apple juice) and then i got ready, and we left to the marina. We had rented a boat for 10 am to 2 pm. We were all really excited. When we got there we saw our boat and the dude explained to us how to use it and stuff, and we took off. First we rode around (very fast) for a while. Then we played in the lake and tried to guess the passwords for eachothers clubs. fun. THen, we took out the tube and put it on the back of the boat and rode it. First andrew, william and I went. Andrew and i purposely fell off. :) Then just andrew and william. Then, my dad and i. That was not the best because my mom was driving the boat, so she was a MAINIAC!!! my dad and i went like 8 feet into the air!!! Then, andrew and dattie, then mommie and andrew(i think. maybe not that order). Then we had lunch on the boat. Bagel sandwiches agian. :) yum!!! Then we played a little more on the lake. After, we all got on the boat and we took a fast run through the lake. We also tried to find the rope swing, but we never did. Then, mommie, william and i took the tube and just rode slowly back to where the boats were docked. We were sad it was over :( It was so much fun!! After we took a quick plunge (dattie word!!) in the pool to get cooled off and such. Then we came back to our room. I took a shower, and then watched the vido for my book (skeleton creek: the raven- really GOOD BOOK!!! like the best series EVER!!) and now i am on the computer in the lobby. OH! we also popped some popcorn in the lobby, because, of course, we brought our own. IT WAS SO GOOD!! i love popcorn!!! :)It is 3:44. I should probibaly go, becuase there are people surrounding me at the tables eating. AKWARD!!!!!!!!!! well, i am now going to check my email and then let william play on the computer.
TTFN!! (ta ta for now) Write back later!!! probibaly tonight!!! bibi!!

hey! it is so not tonight only 3:57. i am still on the computer. the people left (yeah!!) and i just checked my email. I felt i needed to say i had 9, and i just checked it last night. 8 were from ashley and 1 from my mom. wow ashley if u r reading this. U ROCK!! :) well, i better go throw my popcorn bag away that my mom just told me to do. :( and give the computer to william. bibi!!!
TTFN!!! write back, well, probibaly (i can NEVER spell that!!!)not tonight. earlier. knowing me:)

HEY!!!! it is 6:24 (it is officially tonight), and we have not been doing much. After i blogged last, william couldn't find anything to do on the computer, so we both went outside and played corn hole and the ladder game. Only, it did not last long. I was getting eaten by misquitoes. GRRR. so then we came inside. Mommie was sleeping, and andrew and dattie were reading, so william and i went out to the lounge area right outside our door, upstairs, and we turned on the TV. It is so cool because we can watch whatever we want. Even change the channel. FUN!!! :) and not many peeps are here, so ya. They wont redicule us. Well, i watched like 1 show, and then fell asleep for 1 and a half shows, so like 45 minutes. Then, when i woke up, william was still awake and there watching tv. i suspect he never moved. well, then i watched the other half of the wizards of waverly place that was on. Then, it was like 6, so i went back in the room and got ready to go to dinner. I could not wear my Sponge bob shirt :( it needed to be fancy. well, mommie does not call it fancy, but she wanted me to be "cute". Now, i am here and we r about to leave, so......
TTFN!! post after dinner and stuff. maybe tomorrow, but probibly (still cant spell!) not.

HEY!! it is so way not after dinner. it is only 6:39. we r leaving soon. I just checked my email. I had like 7, 1 from angela. 6 from ashley. GO ASHLEY!! :) well, then after, ashley was on the same time as me, so i got like 2 more from her. so, ya. i got to go to dinner. bibi!!
later tonight i will post again!! TTFN!!

HEY!! it is now 9:02. We just finished eating our smores out by the fire. We had dinner, i had a very small cesar salad and a few bites of andrew's crab cake. Tonight we sat inside. After dinner, we came out and andrew and i played some corn hole. He won. 6 to 3. Close!! :) jk. well, after that the whole family played ladder ball. It was really fun!! Dattie and I were the 2 finalists. He won though. :( for the 2 finalists, we played 4 rounds until dattie actually got 2 points on the 4th. grrrrrr. Then we had smores. i just had one. my personal lowest record. well, then i cam inside and straight to the computer. fun.
probibly post tomorrow when we get home. we r leaving at like 6:30. way too early!! grrrrr

HEY!!! i am home!!! it is tomorrow!!! it is 9:52 right now. We got home at, WOW!! 8:52!! amazing!! well, when we got home we unloaded the car, i fed mattie and got her litter box, i listened to music, i unpacked my bag, i checked my email, and now i am here. I had like 38 emails because when i check them elsewhere, they do not appear checked. only like 7 of them i hadn't read. Mostly from ashley. Well, ya. In the car i slept. ya. pretty much the whole time. We left at around 6:45. I got up at like 6:15. grrrrr. early. Well, that is all for this post. hope to post another something on a later date. BIBI!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011