Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mountains

HEY!! right now i am in the mountains for the 4th. well, i am leaving tomorrow, on the 3rd to go up to the lake, but we are having fireworks tonight. Yesterday, i got up at 6:45 to go to swim at county. fun. early. WAY TOO EARLY!!! After that, we went to andrew's show that he performed after a week of camp. Then, we took off to the mountains. It took a few hours, but we finally got here. Kate (my aunt) and simon, mimi, and granddad are here too. We settled in and did stuff, then we all went to dinner. It was pretty good. i had a hot dog and tater tots. yum. then, we watched the fireworks that were over the mountain for everyone to see. that was fun. Then we came home. we kinda just fiddeled around for a few and stuff, then, at 12:30, we went to bed. It was very fun!!!

Today i woke up at 10:38. hehehe. i was tired from waking up so early yesterday. Then, i came and had a late breakfast that mimi had put together for me. After that, mimi, andrew, mommie and dattie went on a walk. i stayed here and checked my 16 emails. Now, i am doing this. FUN. Morgan and family are coming up today. that will be fun. Tonight we are having our mini fireworks here. it will be fun.

hey!!!!!!!! i am posting. and it is the 6th. ahhahaha. well, the mountains was awesome. The crofts came, and morgan, granddad, uncle shannon, andrew, ford, Kate, Simon, and i went to pick up fireworks. We got some, and then our car (kate, simon, morgan, william and i) got snow cones. The other car never knew. :) hahahahaha. well, then, morgan and i went tubing down the creek. That took a long time and it was very fun. until i got hurt. well, then we did stuff. After that, we set up our tent. Later, we had dinner and fireworks.