Saturday, March 26, 2011


This past week was my spring break. I had so much fun. We just stayed home becuase William (younger bro) still had school, and Andrew ( i think u know him) had a mission trip from Saturday to Thursday, so we really couldn't go anywhere, But i still had so much fun at home!! My spring break started with.......

Saturday: on Friday night Ashley Dobbs (my BFFL) slept over. We had to wake up really early in the morning on saturday though (like 7:00) becuase we were going with a group from my church to service day. We were going to spread mulch at atlanta union mission. We woke up at 7, and it was really hard to get up becuase we had gone to bed at 12:30, and it was REALLY early. When we got up we got ready and had breakfast and left by 7:17. We stopped by the church to meat with our mulch spreading group, and we picked up 2 people in our car, and the others in another car. When we got to the place where we were spreading mulch, they told us we would be doing it on the 2 playgrounds and the picnik (that is not how u spell it, idk how) area. First, we did the smallest one. Ashley, William and I spread the mulch with a rake, and dattie shoveled it into the wheelbarrows so that they could take it to the playground. It was really tiring!! When we were done with the smallest area, we did not know how we would hold up on the other two, which were like more than twice the size of the one we had just did. We took a break or two on the second one, and had water and a snack. When we were done with the largest playground, we went to the picnik area. That one only needed to have a thin layer of mulch, because that was just for decoration. It did not take too long. When we were done with that, we were so releived, except for the fact we still had more than and hour to work! When we found some place to spread the mulch, it was infront of the building, which meant with the wheelbarrows we would have to carry them all the way to the front, like 3/4 around the building we would have to walk. Ashley and I then took turns taking the wheelbarrow, until we found another wheelbarrow and we both took it. The only problem with the other wheelbarrow was that it was an old timey one. It was like 4 times heaver than the other one, and ashley made me carry that one. It was a lot of work! Finally, I traded with my dad for a bigger wheelbarrow, but it was wood, not metal. It was still much heaver than the one ashley was carrying. Finally, at 12:10, we went in for a meeting, and then after, it was time to leave. Before the meeting, Ashley's parents came. we were startled, but they said there were in the area so they stopped by to see what we had done. For lunch Ashley, William, Dattie, and I went to jimmy john's (for those of u who dont know what that is, it is the best sub place EVER!!) It was awesome after a long day of work. Nothing much happened the rest of the day except I went over to Ashley's house and we did blind makeovers. It was so much fun! (i will post a new post on pics over spring break when I have the right computer) Then I slept over there on Saturday night.

Sunday: On sunday morning, Ashley and I woke up in the morning and had breakfast. Then I went to Ashley's church. It was a lot of fun! It was REALLY loud too!! After that, ashley and I had to say our goodbyes, and I went home. (I cant really remember what else happened on Sunday, so it must have not been much!!!)

Monday: On Monday, nothing really happened. William WOKE ME UP AT 7 O'CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Just becuase he was yelling at dattie to get his clothes from upstairs, he was downstairs. It was so horrible, and i am still REALLY mad about it. On my first day of spring break too!!It was a layed back kind of day. I played the Wii for like 4 hours, watched TV for some time, and played on the computer. I played william's new (he got for christmas and no one had played it before) wii game, guilty party. it was a lot of fun!!!!! I also played dance dance revolution, and that was fun too!! I also played da blob (is that what it is called??) Nothing else really happed over the day.

Tuesday: On Tuesday, it was another layedback kinda day. It was fun. In the morning my mom and I went to get Bagels at Einstines. They were really good. After that, since we were in the Target plaza, we went to Target. We went there mainly to get a peewee pillow pet, a bee, because i have the big one, and the small one are so cute! We ended up staying for a long time because we looked for clothes. we found like 4 things in the long time we were there, but they are good clothes! When william got home, i taught him how tho play his wii game, and he liked it! he didn't cry! (he sometimes does when we try to teach him to play wii) I dont remember what else happend though. It was fun to just stay home n' stuff.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, my mommy and dattie took a day of work off, so we could spend a day together. It was so much fun! In the morning we went to The World of Coke. It was so cool!! i had gone there before, with Angela (my other BFFL) but my mom and dad had not. We got there at like 10:30, and we went in and watched a little video. After that, we went out and took a pic with the little furry animals with big lips which were in the video. Then we looked around in a room that shows how coke is made, and then we went in an old timey room, where it had old timey coke machines, statues of the person who invented coke, and stuff like that. There was also many coke bottles from the past and different countries. Then we went to the 4D movie theatre in the coke museum. It was so cool because it was a movie on coke n' stuff, and there was wind, water, moving seats, and even a button on the back of the seat that pocked or backs once. It was fun. Then we went to the best part of the World of coke. THE TASTING ROOM!!! yumm!! There were a bunch of different coke products from around the world and stuff. It Was so cool! i tried ALL OF THEM!! there were like more than 60. hehe! it was cool!!! and good!! When we were leaving, they even gave us a free coke bottle. It was a bottle. like the cool glass kind! after that, we exited the building through the gift shop. They had a bunch of coke stuff in there that was cool. There were sented t-shirts, coke pollar bears, and giant coke bottle piggy banks. The only bad part was that it was way to overpriced, so we got nothing. After that we all walked to the westin hotel, and went to the restaurant at the top, the sundial. it was 72 floors up, and IT SPINS!! it is so cool!!! it takes a little less than an hour to spin around. it is slow, but it still is so cool because you can see different views of atlanta. I even saw stone mountain in the distance. The food was really good. First we had bread and then i got a fried chicked sadwhich, which was AMAZING!! after that, we had to get home becuase we had to pick up william. Later, I went over to Kelly's (my other BFFL) house for a sleepover. We played the wii, went on the electric scooters n' stuff, and played games (clue twice, i won both times, jenga twice, i won both times, and guess who multiple times, i won all of them except when i had a girl(there are only 5 girls so it is easy to guess them, there are a lot of boys) and kelly had a boy. she never had a girl. grrrrrrr. For dinner we had pizza. then we played mario kart and kelly won. i never did. we played with japanese peeps!! it was cool!!! then we made a ponder video. it was funny!! then we went to bed.

Tursday: On thursday morning kelly and i woke up and played wii again, and had breakfast. it was good. then we played clue, and i won again. while we were playing clue, my g-ma came and picked me up. My g-ma and I then whent to which which, which she loves, but never gets to go to, because there is none close to her. then, we went to a pottery painting place. It was so much fun! I painted a bowl with a kitty inside, and she painted a plate with fish on it, she thinks it was bad, but it was so good! so dont listen to her!!! after that we went to the regas's (my cousin's house) to interview issy (my cousin) becasuse she has a school in her room for her stuffed animals. it is so cool because it is like a real school room. Then, we came to my house and had dinner there. When we got there, andrew was already there, back from his mission trip, so we had his favorite dinner, beefaroni. it was really good. after that, mimi painted my nails with my nail art pens, and i painted hers. It was fun. After that, she had to leave. it was a fun day!

Friday: On Friday, it was a fun stay home kind of day. In the morning, my mom left for a meeting, and Andrew and I threw a party!! JK, we played the wii. I taught him how to play guilty party on the wii. he liked it too. Then, OUR NEW COUCH FOR THE BASEMENT ARRIVED!! we had been waiting for it for like a year. my mom told us we would get a new couch like a year ago, and then, a month ago, she said she finally ordered it, and it would be here in a month. grrrrr!! but we got it and it is so cool! after that, Amenda (my other BFFL) came over. She came over becasue we were going to make our Movie for latin. It turned out AWESOME!! it was fun. Afer we make the movie, we celebrated that it was over and we had pie (keylime) and played basketball (gotcha). Then she had to leave. After that, we hung out at home, and had dinner (pizza) and then went downstairs, to our new couch, and watched fear factor. we watched 2, and then it was time for william to go to bed, so then we watched AFV. After, it was time for mommy and dattie to go to bed, but andrew and i watched the new icarly and deal or no deal. Then we went to bed.

Saturday: On saturday, i got up and came to my mommy and dattie's room and cuddled with them, because they were sleeping in. Then we discussed what we were going to do for the day, and then i played datties phone. Dattie also brought home chick-fil-a for breakfast. i had the chicken out of the biscutes of chicken minis and hashbrowns. it was really good. After that, i went to my room and sorted all my clothes (i have a lot) from winter to summer. I took out all the winter stuff and put in the summer stuff. it took a long time. then, i got the computer and did exactly what i am doing now. I blogged. After i do this, i will play the wii or something, and at 3:30, we are going to the mall, which we never do, it was my mom's idea. i wanted to go to the forum, but it was raining. and then for dinner, we are going to go to brio, the awesome bread place with the game outside. ya. im excited. then i will come home and probibly (i can never spell that word!!) watch a movie or something. then go to bed

What i am planning to do on Sunday: On sunday we will go to church and probibly go to lunch with mimi and g-dad, and then come home and mommy and dattie will take a nap, like always on sundays, and i will try to finish my book, tuck everlasting by natalie babbit. Then idk what we will do.

I forgot friday, after school: my mom had a meeting at the school with mrs huggins, gigi's mom, and andrew had jay over because they had some party thing to go to later, and i went to the lowerschool playground. When i was there, i saw lucy. She said she stayed there on fridays at aftercare until like 4:30 or 5, because her mom worked, and i kept her company. she said all she did was play her iphone for a long time in a corner. poor lucy. when se were there, We found the kid who chased us in kindergarden. He was now in second grade. i kinda remembered him, but not really. Then, i left, and ashley came over later, and bla bla we played things and gave ourselves japanese makeovers and took pics (will be on another post) and dressed funkily, and watched tv (movie=best player) it was fun. then we wnet to bed.

I had a very fun spring break and i cant wait for next year! OR just summer! :) i really dont want to go back to school though. but i still have the weekend, and then i have to go back. well, that was a very long post. wouldn't it be funny if i didn't post it, i accidently exited it out!! that would not be funny! i would not post again. that took like and hour. well, hope you enjoyed my experience with me!!!!! :) hope you have or had a great spring break like mine! I KNOW IT WONT BE BETTER!! :) bibi!