Friday, August 6, 2010

Saint Maarten!!!

A few weeks ago, my family and i went on vacation to saint maarten, one of the islands in the Caribbean. We took a limo to the airport, which was so cool, and we had a 4 hour flight, when we got there, it was so much fun! We got there on Sunday, to stay for one week. We stayed on a resort called Divi Little Bay. It was beautiful. Every day, a cruise ship or two would come and dock in the bay. They were huge! For the first 5 days, we hung around the resort, and went to the beach and the pools. One of the pools was really cool. It was an infinity pool, so on one side, the water would flow off the edge, and you would have a wonderful view to the ocean. It was so wonderful. We also went and explored the island. Our resort was the best place on the island by far. On Friday, we went to one of the places on the island which had boats which were kind of like jet skis, but for 2 people, and they were called Rhinos. They were so much fun! We got 2 of the boats, one for two people, and one for 3 people, which was called a scooby. We went out on ocean, which was really fun, and when we got to the stopping point, we went snorkeling. It was so awesome! We saw really cool fish and other sea creatures. When we got back, we went back to our resort, and went to the pool and stuff. On Saturday, we went on a boat to Saint Barths, which is another island in the Caribbean. The ocean was choppy, and we all got a little sea sick, but when we got there, we went exploring. We went to a lot of stores, and just browsed. The island spoke french, and english, thankfully. For lunch, we went to a really good place, where we had pizza and salad. It was funny, because the to go box for the pizza had George Cloony (for the record, i have no clue who that was, but my parents did) making pizza on it. After lunch, we went to a beach called shell beach, and instead of sand, they had tons of shells. It was so cool! After that, we got back on the boat and went back to Saint maarten. They way back was much better and beautiful. The next day we had to leave. :( We got on our plane, but something happened, and we stayed on the plane for 3 hours before it took off. We had tv's on the plane, so it wasnt that bad. We went in a limo on the way to our house, which was still really fun. When we got home, it was late. But, my room had gotten painted green when we were gone, and it was so cool. I love the color! We had an awesome vacation that I will never forget!