Sunday, April 24, 2011


I embarrassed a little kid today. I was on the trampoline at my g-ma's neighbor's house, and there was this kid next door, and he was watering his garden. so i said "hi kid! what's ur name" and he looked over, then ignored me. Then, later, his dad came out with him, and then i said, "that is a nice looking garden u got there!!" and he was like..... ok....... i dont think he said anything though. hehe. it was funny. my cousin was there too (morgan) and she just ducked like she didn't know anything. HEEHHE i think i embarrassed her too!!!!! hahahahahah!! well, how was ur easter? mine was pretty good. I had to wake up at 5:30, because we had to go to this sunrise service on the golf corse in my neighbor hood, because the person who was doing it was one of our good friends. after that, we came home and searched for our easter basket and eggs. i got CHOCOLATE (which i gave up for lent) and candy and a book on cats with REALLY cute pictures, and new earphones, and candy and CHOCOLATE!!! it tasted SO GOOD!!!! I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! :) i had A BUNCH TODAY!! after that, i got ready and went to church with issy and her family and my g-ma and g-dad. after that, we all went to lunch at this fancy restaurant, and the room we had looked like a really big board room. everyone from church(plus morgan and her family) went. after that, we went to my g-ma and g-dad's house and had an easter egg hunt (i love childish things!!!!!). after that, issy left and morgan and i went to jump on the trampoline (mentioned earlier in this email). Then we came home and i went to feed the cats across the street while my neighbors were on a trip, and one of the cats went out of the house, so i tried to get it, and it ran away. I was outside for 35 minutes trying to find it, and when i did, it was going into the house, and stood in the door-way for 5 minutes, and then i tried to shove it in, and it ran away again. GRRRR!! finally, my mom came to see what was taking me so long, and of corse she just picks it up and brings it inside. GRRRR!!! After that, andrew and i made popsicles. There was a lot of batter stuff we made, (it was pinklemonade popsicles, and the liquid made 3 batches) we each had 2. and they were pretty big. BUT THEY WERE REALLY GOOD!!! then i took a shower, and now i am here. wow. good easter.